We’ve seen weird animal pairings before, but this definitely tops the short list for cutest ever! Here we have a parrot and a turtle who love spending time with one another. They even eat together! Talk about an odd couple! Watching these two eat side by side is so cute!
On one particular feeding, the parrot caught a glimpse of the turtle in the mirror of a kitchen appliance. What is this, another turtle trying to make the moves on my buddy? The parrot flips out!

The parrot makes one heck of a racket, going into this weird hysterical fit. Very noisy! Then he walks back and forth in the mirror, and then behind it. Basically trying to figure out what’s going on.

The cool as can be turtle is like, “what’s all the fuss buddy, you’ve never seen a mirror before?” He takes advantage of the situation and seems to be gobbling up the parrots portion of the food!

Truly hilarious and definitely one to share with all of your animal loving friends and family!