Beef Vuna Recipe:
See Below For Required Ingredients

1)Beef without bones: 1 kg
2)Dried chillies: 6
3)Panchforan: 1 teaspoon
4)Cardamom: 4
5)Cinnamon: 3 pieces
6)Ginger in a basket: 1 tbsp
7)Garlic: Four cells
8)Bay leaves: 1
9)Pepper: 20
10)Clove: 2
11)Onion Beresta: 1 cup
12)Oil: half a cup
13)Sugar: A small amount
14)Salt: to taste

See Below For Cooking Step:

Step 1

First grind all the spices.

Step 2

Then fry the crushed beef in a pan with oil, ginger-garlic fried powder, panchforan powder, bay leaf powder, chilli powder and salt.
Step 3

Then shake it a little with Beresta, shake it again with hot water and cover it with a lid for 20 minutes.

Step 4

After 20 minutes, lift the lid and add a little sugar.

Step 5

Then when it is cooked, shake it a little more and take it down to the serving bowl.

Step 6

Now garnish with onion barista, cucumber and raw onion and serve with fun roast beef.