Dinner Tonight: Lemony Chickpea Stir-Fry Recipe

The brilliant secret to this recipe, an unclassifiable number that's kind of a stir-fry but with none of the usual ingredients, is the way chickpeas will caramelize and turn nutty-brown if you heat them over high heat in a skillet. Nick's covered this territory before in Dinner Tonight, when he cooked them until they actually crisped into snacks, making a kind of alternative to popcorn. But it was the first time I'd done anything besides purée or simmer the humble chickpea, and I was amazed. The process deepens the flavor considerably and makes them taste almost meaty.

The inspiration came from a recipe at 101 Cookbooks, which I followed only loosely: I replaced spinach for kale, lost the tofu, and added chunks of roasted red pepper. I think the recipe would be pretty successful with any number of ingredients—frozen corn, for example, or chunks of feta cheese tossed in at the end. The key is a good splash of lemon juice off the heat to brighten it and keep the oil in check. Just cook the heck out of the chickpeas and its pretty safe to say the result will be delicious.

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Broiled Mint Msemen With Honey Recipe

Moroccan msemen (or m'smen) is a flatbread that is a popular breakfast and snack item. Made by pressing the dough very thin, then folding it over to create a package of flaky layers, it's an easy and fun hands-on baking project.To create the flaky layers in these Moroccan flatbreads, called msemen, the dough is pressed flat, greased with fat, sprinkled with fine semolina, and then folded over itself several times. It's often served with mint tea, and in a nod to that tradition, this recipe folds fresh mint leaves into the dough. A rich and sweet honey-butter is perfect for drizzling or using as a dip.

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