You know what they say, dance like nobody’s watching – and this little toddler’s got the rhythm!
Her name is Savannah and she moves, she grooves, she jives and she sways. I have to admit, I’m a little envious of her moves.

According to her parents, Savannah is a lively little girl who steals the show when music comes on. It doesn’t matter which genre it is – country, rock, pop, R&B – she loves it all, and when the beat comes on, her tiny feet start a-tappin’ and she’s off!

And if she’s not on her feet, but in a cart? That won’t stop her, as Savannah has also been known to dance in the cart to the music in Walmart.

User Bizcuits916 captured one instance of Savannah’s smooth moves in the adorable video below. Check it out for yourself!

Source: Toddler performs funny dance moves by RaisingArizona on Rumble