Potatoes are a delicious and versatile food, but they can be deadly if improperly prepared or old. If you have old potatoes in your home, you should throw them out or you will suffer the fate of 8-year old Maria Chelysheva of Russia, who became an orphan in 2014 after her family died from an old batch of potatoes that decomposed in their cellar!

Maria’s father went to the basement one day to get potatoes for lunch, but when he didn’t come back, her mother went down as well. However, she didn’t come back either. The same thing happened with Maria’s brother and grandmother – everyone who entered their cellar never got out!

here are glycoalkaloids in the potatoes which are poisonous, making potatoes toxic under certain circumstances not only by eating them, but also by breathing their chemicals. The more potatoes rot, the greater concentration of this chemical. This causes them emit dangerous and toxic gas. The exposure to this compound caused death to Maria’s family. Once Maria started looking for her family, she almost died, too. Luckily, the gas dissipated a bit for her mother left the door open.

This is absolutely heartbreaking. Their story should serve as a warning to other people about the dangers of rotten potatoes. You should get rid of rotten potatoes before it is too late.