Downtown Los Angeles has a new tourist destination.About a thousand feet above the city, a clear glass slide attached to the side of the U.S. Bank building lets riders glide from the 70th floor to the 69th.
The Skyslide is a $3.5-million component of a $50-million renovation of the top floor of the building, which at 1,018 feet is currently the tallest building in the country west of the Mississippi. (Though it won’t hold that title for long -- the Wilshire Grand will have it beat when the 1,100-foot tower is unveiled in 2017.)

The slide and adjoining 360-degree observation deck will open to the public this Saturday. On Thursday morning, members of the media got a chance to try it out. At 45 feet long but made of glass only 1.25 inches thick, the slide looks straight down 70 stories to cars stuck in traffic on the street below